You don't see Honda cb350/4s very often. They are very pretty little bikes and so my job is made easier as the palette is one that inspires immediately. My ideas seemed to flow easily on this build and it was a pleasure enhancing the original design.

I spent hours on the tiny details that make this machine a true LDM creation. Mini brass indicators and brass tail light. I slaved over a stainless steel exhaust system which really lets this little 350 breathe and creates a monstrous sound.

Look closely at the paintwork and you will see it is not just gloss black. Greg at Black Shuck Kustom has applied a unique finish which glitters in the sun. I never thought I'd enjoy riding a bike under 600cc again but this is such fun. 

Comfortable and nimble, it's going to be the perfect commuter for the gentleman who brought it to me.